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Prismatic Powders Swatch Sets are a high demand, labor intensive item and can take up to two weeks to fulfill. Our New Customer Swatch Set is the perfect ringset to purchase if you are looking to get a diverse selection of our colors and finishes! Swatch Sets allow you and your customer to physically look at and touch the powder. Our New Customer Swatch Set includes: PMB 6525S BMW Silver PMS 517S Heavy Silver PMB 4217S Misty Lave PMB 4105S Black Metallic PMB 5027S Kingsport Grey PMB 6547S Stealth Charcoal PMB 6625S Goldtastic PMB 1665S Sterling Gold PMB 4934S Fireside Copper UMB 1326S Soft Rubbed Bronze PMB 4239S Misty Midnight PMB 4209S New Tucker Orange PMB 10050S Illusion Shocker PMS 4515S Illusion Red PMS 4620S Illusion Orange PMB 6908S Illusion Blueberry PSB 4629S Illusion Purple PSS 0106S Ink Black USS 1522S Black Jack PSS 4423S Tritan Grey PSS 4646S Very White PSB 5599S Flat Beige PSS 0875S Grape Ape PSS 1464S Pinelake Blue PSS 0845S Southwest Blue PSS 1070S Sweat Pea Green PSS 5463S Farm Green PSB 4075S Redwood Green PSS 2600S Sunshine Yellow PSS 1791S Juju Orange PSS 1627S Hot Orange PSS 5394S Hard Red PSS 3013S Vampire Red PSS 1605S Claret PSB 1148S Mohawk Brown PPB 5633S Tinted Clear PPS 5162S Transparent Copper PPS 6530S Brassy Gold PPS 5139S Transparent Gold PPB 2796S Candy Grape II PPS 1505S Lollypop Purple PPS 4351S Peeka Blue UPB 1736S Hawaiian Teal PPS 4765S Shocker Yellow UPS 1506S Lollypop Red UTS 1527S Black Diamond PTB 7102S Black Satin PTB 5746S Silver Graphite UTS 5433S Weathered Rust PTS 6422S Burnt Red Texture PCS 4721S Black Cast PCB 1102S Oil Rubbed Bronze PWS 4057S Copper Wrinkle PWB 2463S Wetstone Charcoal PWS 2859S Desert Nite Black PWS 4344S Splatter Black PWB 2884S Splatter Burgundy PRS 5390S Artic White PVB 5825S Vibrant Silver Vein

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Swatches are powder coated aluminum panels for accuracy. If your order contains an "Out of Stock" swatch, we will create that swatch for you, then ship your entire swatch order. This can take up to two weeks.
If all swatches are IN STOCK it will ship in 1-3 business days via UPS overnight.

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