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Suzutomo Co. Ltd. Partners with Prismatic Powders and Cerakote Ceramic Coatings

Cerakote® Ceramic Coatings and Prismatic Powders® are proud to announce a new distributor partnership with Suzutomo Co. Ltd., located in Tokyo, Japan. Tosh Suzuki, President of Suzutomo, recently attended the specialized hands-on Cerakote® training program to become Cerakote® Factory Trained and Certified. He also learned custom powder coating techniques to expand powder coating color options throughout markets in Japan. Suzutomo Co. Ltd. will be the official Cerakote® and Prismatic Powders® distributor for all of Japan and will specialize in providing Cerakote® ceramic and clear coatings along with Prismatic Powders® custom powder coating to industrial, automotive, off-road, firearm, and high temperature coating markets.


Suzutomo Co. Ltd. was incepted in 1925 as Suzuki Metal Plating and later incorporated in 1977 and offers a variety of services including metal plating and surfacing. As Suzutomo continued to grow, they recognized the need for a thin-film, high corrosion and abrasion resistant coating. These needs were met with the introduction of Cerakote® to their manufacturing and coating capabilities. Suzutomo also saw the need for complete color customization of automotive parts such as wheels and suspension components and discovered that Prismatic Powders® offers over 6,500 powder coating color options, including an array of metallics, two-coats, and top coats.


Prior to the distribution agreement, Suzutomo Co. Ltd.  began applying Cerakote® products in 2012 to a number of manufacturing companies in Japan, specifically air-soft and eyewear companies such as Marui and ESS Japan.  The successes of these partnerships led to the developed relationship with Cerakote® and Prismatic Powders® and the need for a Japanese Distributor became apparent. Suzutomo Co. Ltd. is looking forward to continued successes with the application of Cerakote® Ceramic Coatings, Cerakote® Clear Coatings and Prismatic Powders’® thousands of custom powder coating colors.


Suzutomo Co. Ltd. is located at 2-31-11 Taito, Taito-ku, Tokyo 110-0016 Japan, and can be reached by emailing info@suzutomo.com or by visiting www.suzutomo.com.

Wednesday, July 08, 2015

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